Some of your Questions:

Q. When was Guerrilla RF founded?

Guerrilla RF was founded in 2013 in Greensboro, NC, by Ryan Pratt, currently the Chief Executive Officer.

Q. Where is Guerrilla RF Corporate headquarters?

Guerrilla RF
2000 Pisgah Church Road
Greensboro, NC 27455

Q. What does Guerrilla RF do?

We provide high-performance MMICs for the wireless infrastructure market. Our cores form the backbone of today's state-of-the-art RF and microwave communication systems. Each RFIC is tailored to meet the demanding requirements of wireless infrastructure-grade applications found in 5G, Automotive Connectivity, Cellular Boosters & DAS, Military Radios, and Wireless Audio.

Q. What are the key strategic markets upon which Guerrilla RF focuses?

Guerrilla RF strategically targets wireless infrastructure applications which incumbents have traditionally underserved within the semiconductor industry. Our RFIC and MMIC cores serve as the critical building blocks for establishing wireless communication between people and connected 'things.'

Although we have 300+ unique customers that fall into our Catalog business, a large portion of our existing sales is tied to 5G, cellular repeaters/DAS, and automotive telematics. Other applications include mission-critical military communications, SatCom, navigation, IoT, RFID, and wireless audio.

Q. How many employees does Guerrilla RF have?

As of October 31, 2021, Guerrilla RF has 46 employees.

Q. Who are Guerrilla RF's main competitors?

Analog Devices

Q. Who are Guerrilla RF's Leadership?

A complete list is available here.

Q. Who are Guerrilla RF's Board of Directors?

A complete list is available here.

Q. Who is Guerrilla RF's independent auditor?

Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Q. Upon what exchange does Guerrilla RF stock trade?

The company is traded publicly on OTCQX.

Q. Who is Guerrilla RF transfer agent?

VStock Transfer, LLC
18 Lafayette Place
Woodmere, NY 11598
Phone: 212.828.8436
Toll-Free: 855-9VSTOCK
Fax: 646-536-3179
Email: [email protected]

Q. What services does VStock Transfer, LLC provide to Guerrilla RF shareholders?

VStock Transfer provides a full range of professional transfer agent and registrar services to shareholders of public companies. VStock Transfer services include:

  • Official registrar of stock records
  • Comprehensive proxy services, including e-Proxy/Notice & Access
  • Non-certificated, book-entry transactions
  • Stockholder reports and correspondence
  • Annual meeting support
  • Rule 144, restricted stock transfers
  • Digitized recordkeeping for stockholder communications and documentation
  • Abandoned property; escheatment
  • Tax reporting
  • Secure online 24/7 access to stockholder information, reports, and online services

Q. Can I buy or sell Guerrilla RF stock directly through the Company?

No, the purchase or sale of Guerrilla RF stock should be made through a licensed stockbroker.

Q. Does Guerrilla RF pay cash dividends?

Guerrilla RF has not paid cash dividends since its inception as a company in 2013. Any cash dividends paid in the future will only occur after evaluation and approval by our Board of Directors.

Q. Does Guerrilla RF have a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP)?

No, Guerrilla RF does not currently have a DRIP.

Q. When is Guerrilla RF's next earnings release?

Guerrilla RF announces its upcoming earnings releases via a press release after the end of a fiscal reporting period, and we report on a calendar year basis. Thus, we have a fiscal reporting period for each quarterly calendar time period.

Q. How can I obtain Guerrilla RF's quarterly financial results?

Our quarterly financial results will be made publicly available after the end of our quarterly fiscal reporting periods in accordance with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reporting guidelines and requirements.

Q. When will I receive notice of Guerrilla RF's next annual meeting?

Shareholders of record will receive notice of Guerrilla RF's next annual meeting after the date has been approved by our Board of Directors.

Q. When is Guerrilla RF's fiscal year-end?

December 31

Q. What is Guerrilla RF's CUSIP number?

Guerrilla RF's CUSIP number is 40162G 104